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TropicalSim (Carlos Pereira and Leandro Machado) has released yet another update, this time to their FSX ‘bundle’ including some 13 airports, now also featuring the latest release: ARUBA – Reina Beatrix Intl’ Airport, completing the ABC Islands collection for FSX. The bundle is available from simMarket here.

More Aerosoft news on simMarket, this time for the MS Train Sim fans out there. The ‘activities’ on the Swiss Gotthard route should keep you busy for a while. “……The Gotthard route is a masterpiece of railway technology and is likewise the showcase route for the SBB…..”.

Aerosoft published a German-language book that will help you fly the PMDG Boeing-737. The PMDG Boeing is quite a few steps ahead of the default MS aircraft included in Flight Simulator and has just about EVERY system simulated. That means you really have to LEARN to work with it, and this book may be a good help (for German customers). Available here from simMarket.

Aerosoft has released its ‘Mega Airport Frankfurt’ in a boxed version now. “…….Fly to Germany´s busiest airport. This is the award-winning scenery Mega Airport Frankfurt developed by the German Airports Team for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and FS2004……”.

Raimondo Taburet has released yet another of his photosceneries. This time it covers Philadelphia. “…….It is a photorealistic scenery for day and night / summer – covering the whole area of Philadelphia PA including both default airports: Philadelphia Int and Philadelphia NE…..”.

Aerosoft has released the airport of Leipzig/Halle as an addition to the FS2004 German Airports 2 series “…..and as always this is state of the art scenery design. Continuing in the tradition of the German Airport Series, Leipzig/Halle is featured with its latest and up to date layouts, buildings, objects, runways, taxiways, lights, and navigation aids. Just like the real life airport……”.

The Pilatus PC-12 from Flight1 is now available on simMarket in boxed edition, FSX only. “…….Known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of general aviation, the new FSX package is a complete overhaul of Flight1’s critically-acclaimed and much loved FS2004 version. The package offers several different configurations that include: commuter, executive, cargo, and multi-mission surveillance. This versatility along with the PC-12’s advanced aerodynamic airframe will allow you to explore the Flight Simulator world with unmatched flexibility……..”.

TropicalSim has released Aruba International Airport Reina Beatrix (TNCA). From the producti page: “….Aruba was among our first releases back in late 2002/early 2003 for FS2002. Since then, lots has changed in flight simulation and comparing our past version and our new version you will noticed how we have also come along ourselves. You cannot really say these two versions are actually by the same people. This Aruba scenery has so much detail it really is as real as it gets……”. Available from simMarket.

The latest product to be put in the simMarket on-line shop is Aviacoustic 2 by Suwald. He writes “…….The name aviacoustic associates two terms: aviation and acoustic . It is a tool to design sound-effects for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 / 2002 / 2004 / FSX…….”. Available from simMarket here.

Blueprint Simulations has released yet two other Latin American airports, those of Buenos Aires and Caracas. The package is now available on simMarket and  contains BOTH airport sceneries: Buenos Aires, Argentina SAEZ and Caracas, Venezuela SVMI. You can purchase the FS2004 version or the FSX package. Further Blueprint products can be found here on simMarket.

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