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FeelThere has published two checklict programs for Wilco’s (FeelThere’s) airbus. The programs have a co-pilot read out the various checklists for the Airbus to you and will wait with the next command until you as pilot have flipped the correct switch or dialed the correct dial. You can buy the two titles separately or as a combination, here at simMarket.

Zinertek published their latest product, Ultimate Weather X. “……We are pleased to introduce to you Ultimate Weather FX. This new product brings you a brand new level of realism to your Flight Simulator. You will experience breathtaking skies, clouds, precipitation effects, and much more! With Ultimate Weather FX you can expect everything in Flight Simulator’s environment to look more realistic. Your environments and weather themes will be instantly enhanced no matter where you fly…..”. Available on simMarket now.

Available now for FSX is Imaginesim’s KIAD Washington Dulles. “…. IAD is world renowned for its Eero Saarinen designed terminal building and the unique ‘PlaneMate’ mobile lounges. Dulles is also among the most important Eastern Seaboard hubs and is one of the world’s major international destinations…..”. Available here on simMarket.

On simMarket you can find some interesting hardware offerings now from VRinsight, the new Korean manufacturer of simming hardware. They have quite a few products, mainly aimed at those simmers who want to have some real buttons to press (instead of clicking on pictures of buttons on a monitor) but are not out for a full-out, real-size  home cockpit.

Here’s another Just Planes video for you. “……. Neos, established in 2001 and based at Milan’s Malpensa Airport, operates a modern fleet of Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 767-300s to leisure destinations around the world. The first part of the program follows a B767 roundtrip flight from Milan to 2 destinations in Cuba. Hanava and Holguin. The second part of the program follows a B737 roundtrip flight from Milan to Palma de Mallorca….”. Available from simMarket here.

The developers of this product write “……. Multi Crew Experience is a new add-on to the award winning, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and FS2004® software. It adds the missing elements, like crew coordination, interactive checklist reading, realistic ATC operation, call-outs and warnings against deviation from standards, as well as extras, like user interface voice control…..”. You can find more extensive information and a list of features on the product page.  Available from simMarket now.

The German-language Train Sim Magazin is now available as a download in pdf format form the on-line shop of simMarket. Train Sim Mag is being published by VST Publishing that also publishes the FS Magazin in German. The magazine covers all the current, and less-current, computer train simulator programs and can be downloaded for only 5 Euros here.

XTreme Prototypes have modeled the Avro CF105 Arrow for us, an aircraft that never got to see production, and hence can be labeled as ‘odd’. The developer writes “……Your CF-105 Arrow addon will allow you to fly at high altitudes at twice the speed of sound, simulate the procedures required during test flights or reconnaissance and interception missions, and even test the anticipated performance of the mighty Orenda PS-13 “Iroquois” engine that was being installed in the Arrow Mark 2 (RL-206) at the time the Arrow program was cancelled….”. Euro 26, 49 puts you in the driving seat of this…

Fernando Herrera of Carenado has released their all-FSX Cessna 172N Skyhawk II on simMarket now. The model is made exclusively for FSX SP2 or Accelleration and features all the customary goodies we’ve been getting used to from the Carenado stables, although we’re admittedly a bit puzzled at what a ‘real propellor’ means. That could hardly be downloaded. But the rest can, so point your browser to simMarket here and go get it !

It is out, in the book stands, and as a pdf file on simMarket too of course. This month’s range of interesting articles include such topics as ‘Maximizing FSX Performance — CPU or GPU?’,  ‘Commercial Applications of X-Plane — Part 1’, ‘The Golden Age of Air Racing’, ‘Tips and Techniques for Flying Ultra-lights’ and ‘How To: Create Your Own Virtual Aviation Company’. The cover sports the exciting new helicopter combat sim from Russia:  ‘DCS Black Shark’.

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