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TuneVNAV Descent Pro3.2 is a FMC like software that calculates the exact descent & approach speeds of a descending airplane, all the way to the runway. “…….New in TuneVNAV Pro3 v.3.2: new airplanes added! Now TuneVNAV Pro3 calculates the exact descent & approach speeds, all the way to the runway for the following airplanes: Boeing(737-777), Airbus(319-380), MD11, DC9, CRJ (200-700-900), EJETS….”. VNAVPro is available as before from simMarket’s online shop of course.

Iris simyulations have re-done their 2006 Tomcat and made a complete new model of it, for FSX SP2. As they say “…. No longer does this aircraft suffer from poor performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as it is now fully FSX Native and designed with FSX in mind! In addition many of the 2D gauges have been removed and replaced with fully 3D gauges in the cockpit allowing for both a boost in frame rates and a far crisper, smoother in cockpit experience….”. The F-14 is available from simMarket now.

The ultra-highly detailed FS Dreamscapes mesh products are now on simMarket’s ‘Specials Page’ and can be had for a discounted price, somne products offering almost 10 Euros discount! You can see ALL the discounted products neatly put together here.

SEA Development has released a new update for CheckList Manager Fs2004 (update 0.4) and CheckList Manager X (update 0.1). The updateis for Captain Sim’s Legendary C-130 and Legendary C-130 X-perience. More then 200 specific calls, realistic engines start-up, audible flaps calls to help the pilot during approach and an impeccable flaps/speed control for perfect landing!!! Available here at simMarket.

well, sort of….. : I am BACK! But maybe you didn’t miss me, in that case, please skip this post and continue your download of some exciting new simMarket titles… *cough*. Both Nina and I had a severe case of the flu and we’re only now slowly recovering. At the same time both of my main PC’s crashed. What is it about trusting an IT expert to have working back-ups !!?? Hmf…. Anyway, I am sufficiently recovered to pick up work for simFlight, simMarket, FSAddon and my other customers again and happy to be back. With thanks to my fellow…

Yup, you read correct; more sounds. Synchro Soft is another outfit selling add-on sounds for your flightsim aircraft. Frankly, this is a funny area, hence my sometimes ‘tongue-in-cheek comments’. I mean, who can tell the difference between Engine A and Engine B on a 737, Airbus or whatever, considering that the average age of flightsimmers is somewhere over 50 and hearing is not the best of bodily functions anymore anyway!? Alright, Sycnhro Soft did their best to bring you realistic Embraer ERJ-170 sounds, so I’ll shut up. You can listen to a sample even, before purchasing your new sounds for…

Their promotional video claims that the sound quality of it is greatly reduced. Hmmmm… weird way of marketing your wares, right? Especially if sound is all you have to offer! But anyway, if you DO favor ‘other’ sounds for your Airbus A-300 and you care how a CF6-50 sounds, then you may want to have a look, no, sorry, you may want to listen to their add-on package. For Euro 10.90 you can replace the default sounds by some of theirs. Available at simMarket for both FSX and FS9.

Maybe not so much an article for a flight simulator website like ours, but hey, simMarket pays the bills ! And we’ve seen that sometimes these simple little games are more popular than complex PMDG aircraft…. maybe simpilots get bored, or maybe they get their brains overloaded with too complex add-ons? In any case, the German Astragon has released more games on simMarket, all in German; Model Railway, Model Boats and Model Cars. So if you’re in for some diversive action then dig in!

TropicalSim continues to mix and match their existing airports in various bundles. For those of you who are interested in South American and Caribbean airport and haven’t collected any yet from this developer, these can be interesting. Latest are the ’16 Airport FSX Bundle’ and the ‘Caribbean 11 Airports Pack’, both available from simMarket as usual. For a complete overview of all TropicalSim’s titles, click here.

Finally, the brand new version of Damian Clark’s Active Sky is released on simMarket. Some problems were fixed, and discounts for existing Active Sky users were arranged. So nothing to stop you now from purchasing and downloading this ‘King of the Skies’ and add yet another additional touch of realism to your FSX implementation. Get it here, NOW !

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