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RealScenery announced some new X-Plane scenery covering the beautiful State of Tennessee, USA! “…..The State of Tennessee scenery contains incredibly detailed imagery covering over 42,000 square miles / 109,000 square kilometers. This new scenery package contains over 17,700 images! Screenshot galleries and a downloadable demo are now available. Tennessee is home to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Appalachian Plateau and the mighty Mississippi River. This is a beautiful  state to fly over in X-Plane!….”. from Italy has released yet another of their products for X-Plane. “…… The US Coast Guard’s Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (HITRON) of Jacksonville, FL is specialized in the counternarcotics role with a secondary role of maritime homeland security, which includes terror alerts, surveillance and identifying vessels. HITRON is the Coast Guard’s only operational airborne use of force (AUF) squadron and operates the newest Coast Guard helicopter, the Agusta MH-68A Stingray, manufactured by Agusta of Italy as a enhanced tactical version of the famous A109E helicopter….”. Your X-Plane add-ons too can be found on simMarket.

Cameron Bowerman of X-Aviation writes us that he is “…. proud to announce our new video preview of the CRJ-200 for X-Plane. This aircraft is the most detailed CRJ-200 for any flight simulator yet and will model full systems, have a 3D cockpit and cabin and hundreds of animations! You may view the new preview video here and view more photos of the CRJ-200 project as it’s developed over time here….”.

Aero Files now also published an X-Plane scenery. “….. Vagar Airport for X-Plane 9 is now finaly here. With state of the art graphics and as real as it gets, this is the airport you need for your X-Plane 9 addon content. Vagar Airport was originaly an military airport used during the 2’nd world war, but has since become an international passenger airport. Vagar Airport is only the first of many airports to come for both X Plane and Flight Simulator…..”. Available at simMarket now.

There’s a new release of OpenSceneryX out, v1.10.0. The release notes are here as always. You may also want to visit the OpenSceneryX website to download the installer, or just run your current installer if you already have it. OpenScenery X is for X-Plane only of course.

Ifly.It has released two Agusta helicopters, the Agusta Westland AW109S Grand and the larger AW139. “…. The Grand is a new top-of-the-range intermediate helicopter providing levels of cabin space and payload that until now could only be met by larger, more expensive helicopters. The AW139 is a new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter designed with inherent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation. It is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers or six litters with four medical attendants at the highest speed, in the most spacious cabin and with the best power reserve of any other helicopter in the medium twin-engine…

Jason Chandler designed this ‘cartoonish’ aircraft for X-plane and writes “…… This aircraft began its life as a pencil on notepad sketch, of “what would a MIG-21 look like as a single place GA grand touring, sport and race plane. Included here is the scan of the sketch for you to enjoy a piece of how the design was invented in my imagination….”. Available here on simMarket.

And here’s another little Ultralight from Italy, for X-Plane. The author writes “….. We are confident you will be astonished with the detail of this little ultra light, which has been painstakingly built with help of  the aircraft’s builder, FlySynthesis. The external shape and the technical data are as close as possible to the original, and same for the internal cockpit, which will immerse you in an interactive 3D environment….”. Get it here on simMarket.

Gradually more developers start making products for the X-Plane flight simulator and of course simMarket will bring you their products. Here is a  TECNAM P92 for X-Plane by Stefano Arruffati from Italy that includes three versions: the Echo-S, the certified version JS and the float version SeaSky. “….Now with the “dummy” GPS-moving-map on all the three versions….”. Available from simMarket, click here.

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