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The Dutch FS Weekend 2009

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Preparations for Europe’s, and very likely the world’s, largest flight simulator show started this afternoon at the Aviodrome in Lelystad. As always the Aviodrome is host for many hundreds of enthusiastic hobbyists and quite a few commercial FS companies as well. All are showing the general public what ‘flightsimming’ is,…


2009 Awards: 1st Nominees unveiled here!

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We thought we made things a tad different this year and decided to release information about this years nominees as they are confirmed by our awards committee…. therefore today and without any further ado we start with the GAUGES, PANELS, SOUNDS Category. And the 2009 nominees for the Category GAUGES, PANELS, SOUNDS are:…


Awards 2009 coming soon….

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Yes, a bit earlier this year but those simFlight Awards for 2009 are coming your way. simFlight will be announcing the nominees this week and the voting session will begin next Saturday. simFlight’s Awards sessions are in their eight consecutive year (since 2002) and are the only truly user voted awards in…


And Now For Some Real News…..

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well, sort of….. : I am BACK! But maybe you didn’t miss me, in that case, please skip this post and continue your download of some exciting new simMarket titles… *cough*. Both Nina and I had a severe case of the flu and we’re only now slowly recovering. At the…


With another year ending……..

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…. and with a BANG, literally as far as your Editor is concerned (my PC blew up after I turned it on upon returning from Christmas Hols), or with a ‘ fizzle’  as far as flightsimming is concerned with dwindling sales, dwindling forum posts, dwindling interest all around it seems,…

Press Releases

Ariane Promises To Improve

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India Knight from Ariane Studios reports “…… Things are changing at Ariane. A range of brand new products and new support policies is being introduced. We hope to make the Ariane experience a lot easier and more welcoming. My name is India Knight and I will be leading the change…