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International Fighters From Abacus

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Abacus reports “…… We ended 2008 by quietly releasing a new add-on title with wide appeal – International Fighters. And now that it has made its way to several of the major retailers, we’re ready to formally announce its availability. This new add-on brings you top military aircraft from around…

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Four New Abacus Titles Released

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Abacus Software reports that “…… Since beginning of 2008 we’ve “quietly” released several new add-ons. Now we’d like to take the opportunity to formally launch four new titles which can join our already extensive set of add-ons. Our newest add-ons are already available from many dealers nationwide. For your convenience,…


Fighter Pilot 2 At Halycon Media

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The German publisher Halycon Media has repackaged the Abacus Fighter Pilot 2 package… in a box. Fighter Pilot 2 is made by the Russian designer Turgot Piskin and includes 5 modern US jet fighters; F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18 and F-22. These are FS2004/FSX aircraft and the box is available from…

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Abacus celebrates its 30th anniversary

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This year Abacus celebrates their 30th anniversary. And to celebrate this, they’re holding a 30% off sale. As a big thanks to all of their patrons who have supported them for the past 30 years. Abacus is a designer, developer and publisher of PC software and books. Founded in 1978,…


Abacus’ Green Packaging

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Arnie Lee of Abacus Publishing reports on his blog that they have decided to package their CD/DVD products in paper sleeves from now on, replacing the ‘wasteful’ plastic folders that are commonly used for DVD packaging. Not only are they hoping to save some expensive oil (the basis for plastic)…

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Fighter Pilot 2 From Abacus

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Abacus Software announces “…..In past months, our add-ons have continued to sell well in the many retail stores that stock our titles thoughout the Flight Simulator world. By releasing titles suggested by our large customer base, we’ve delivered no fewer than 20 complete packages for both FSX and FS2004.T oday…