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Spies in the skies

By 2 Following on from their recent release of the armed UAV variants, FlyFreeStd have now added the reconnaissance and ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) platform Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to your simulated arsenal in FSX+Acceleration or FSX Gold. There are three manufacturers’ products in the pack for a total of eight aircraft in…

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CERA Blackhawk – out now

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CERA Simaircraft have been known until now for their recreations of Bell rotary winged aircraft but for their latest release, they have switched allegiance to the opposition – Sikorsky – and the familiar shape of the UH-60L Blackhawk utility helicopter. In an unusual move, the package requires the RealityXP GNS530…

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Virtavia’s Skyhawk available

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The venerable A-4 Skyhawk is one of the icons of US Naval Aviation. The little single engined strike fighter entered service in tbe 1950s and, through many versions and upgrades, is actually still in service outside of the US armoury in the 21st century. With 26 models and cockpits to…

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Nemeth Designs A350 Expansion

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It’s not uncommon for developers to add an expansion pack to a release, containing new models and versions, but usually retaining the cockpit, sounds and often flight dynamics of the base package. Nemeth Designs have now joined this growing trend, with the release of a six-model expansion pack to their…

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CERA Simaircraft Bell 222 released

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Hands up all those who are now humming, whistling or at least thinking about the theme from Airwolf at this point? Yes, that includes the guy at the back who’s trying to hide in shame… Unfortunately there’s no fictional conversions included here, but for those FSX helicopter pilots who prefer…


VFR Shortfields Vol. 3

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Daniel Louvet has released VFR Short Fields X – Vol.3 Newfoundland. This is yet another ‘enhancement’ consisting of placed objects and representing 3 great airports/airfields in Newfoundland & Labrador; CDY3 – Fogo, CYHO – Hopedale and CYQX – Gander International. Since MS objects are used that are only found in…

Freeware News

Free Acceleration Race Courses

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Paul Lange sneakily posted three new FREE racecourse on FSInsider (Microsoft’s official FSX fan site) for you to enjoy. Paul writes on his blog “……. When the office was relatively quiet during the holidays at the end of last year, Brandon and I decided to build some new courses for…


F/A 18 Adventures In German

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Combat Planes recently published their F/A 18 Adventures (FSX Missions) for the MS Acceleration add-on pack, adding 10 extra missions to it. Areas included are Cold Lake in Alberta, Canada, and a region north of Pearl Harbor in the Pacific. Acceleration pack required. Available in German now at simMarket here.