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Avsim Not Running

By 11

It is not our habit of aluding to the competition, and least of all Avsim, but we’re getting so many emails and messages asking us about their forums that we decided to touch on the subject. No, we do NOT know what’s going on, but their forums are stil not…


Join: 100.000 Flight Simulator Fans

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I have opened a Facebook Group in support of Microsoft Flight Simulator in general, and its laid-off developers  specifically! You may argue that nothing in the world is ‘fair’, but MS closing down Aces and killing one of its all-time cash cows seems like a questionable move. Taking down so…


Microsoft Closes Down ACES Studios [Update]

By 30

Rumors are now confirmed that Microsoft’s bean counters have deciced that their games division is no longer ‘needed’ and are closing down Aces Studios. That would mean no more support for our beloved Flight Simulator, NO FS11, NO Train Sim 2, no jobs for all the developers in that division,…


Phil Taylor Leaves ACES

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As can be read on his weblog, Phil Taylor is leaving Microsoft’s Gaming Division ACES to pursue a new career at Intel, taking part in the Larrabee project. Phil has been with ACES for only two years, but has been very ‘public’ towards the FS community during those years. It…