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Carenado’s Commander

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Presented earlier today via their social media feeds and with pictures now available on their website’s “Incoming Projects” page, it looks like Carenado have been listening to the community – they’ve announced an Aero Commander 500. At present, all the screenshots show the partially complete model shown above, but we suspect…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

X-Plane Jet Trainer Version 1.21

By 0 Version 1.21 of MLADG’s Aero L-29 jet trainer is now available through simMarket, adding weapon features and the militarised “S” model to the lineup, along with changes to the visual model and aerodynamic surfaces, adding a pilot and numerous other features. For the full features list – for all…


AERO Friedrichshafen Successful

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In case you missed it or didn’t have the time to visit thos year, the Aero at Friedrichshafen was a success once again. Even so much so that from now on it will be an ANNUAL event instead of a bi-annual as it is now! The Aero also has entered…