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AirwaySim adds new game world

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Airline management game AirwaySim have announced the addition of a new large game world to their line-up. “The virtual airline managers can now battle in the new “Game World #3” that starts from the year 1995 and runs all the way till year 2030. You can even make your airline…


AirlineSim adds new Game World, Seat Editor

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Developers Simulogics have announced two updates to their online browser based airline management simulator, “AirlineSim”. In addition to a new game world, “Aspern”, tomorrow will see the release of their seating editor feature which, while it might sound a minor thing, can mean the difference between success and failure of…

Press Releases

Tempelhof takes off for AirlineSim!

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Online aviation simulation AirlineSim  is pleased to be able to present, from the 16th of August 2010, its third international game world. Known as “Tempelhof”, it will provide up to 1200 users with the opportunity to manage their own virtual airlines in a detailed and realistic global economic environment.

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AirlineSim Launches Second Game World “Croydon”

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Martin Simons of the German Simulogics GbR, reports “….. It has been three months since AirlineSim, the brower-based airline simulation game, took to the international stage by launching its first game world published solely in English. Since then the game and its community have grown tremendously in popularity, leading to…