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ArmA Helicopters – now available

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Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS) are responsible for the Soldier Sim series “Armed Assault” and have just released the “ArmA3 Helicopters” expansion, a dedicated helicopter package for those who like the aviation side of the series. While the expansion itself only adds two new aircraft – the fictional CH-67 Huron and…

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Illuminating ArmA III

By 0 There’s mention of a helicopter, so it is vaguely flightsim related – we thought many of you might be interested to see this video from Armed Assault (and Take on Helicopters) developer Bohemia Interactive. The video showcases some of the lighting effects that will be found in their new…


ArmA3 production update

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Again, this is slightly off the beaten track for simFlight, but once again, there is also a more than tenuous link between military simulator Armed Assault 3 and flight simulation – that link is ArmA developers Bohemia Interactive’s other ongoing project, Take On Helicopters. As much of the technology used…