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“George” gets a tutorial from Topskills

By 0 Autopilots. Whether you’re a real world pilot or a simulated one, their fitting and use can be the topic of much discussion! Whether they’re a “lazy pilot’s crutch” or an “essential aid to alleviating fatigue and awareness”, the simple fact is that most simulated aircraft have them, but do…


737 MCP intervention features

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At the following page, you may learn more about the Boeing 737 MCP and autopilot logic. explains how to use SPD INTV (Speed Intervention) and ALT INTV (Altitude Intervention) buttons. Keep in mind that you as Captain, have to master the aircraft to make him behave as you want…

Hardware & Cockpit

CPFlight MCP 737 are back in stock

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Highly acclaimed for their quality and functionality, CPFlight dispatches again their MCP 737 devices, available in PRO and EL Series. This explains why simMarket set back online the purchase buttons on each product page so you can make ship one to home ! CPFlight adds that … “both are full scale…


More GoFlight Parts In The Shop

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SimMarket has added some more GoFlight ‘Kit’ to their shop. Also available now for cockpit builders are the MCP Advanced Autopilot module, the Throttle-Pitch-Mixture module and the Single Engine Control module, providing you with most needed switches to manage your engine. All available here and being shipped from Germany.