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Epic Air Bites The Dust

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In an article on AVweb we can read that Epic has gone bankrupt and is now up for sale. A Chinese company and two American groups made a bid for the remnants, and so far the Chinese are the favorites. Looks like soon we can only fly Bill Ortis’s Epics…


Legend’s New LSA Amphib Cub

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Now here’s a great video we picked up from YouTube, featuring the new Legend Amphibian Cub-clone presented not long ago. This is one of the new LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) and Avweb says about it “….It’s not just fun to fly; it’s insanely fun to fly!…””.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner Still Delayed

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Boeing decided recently to re-design the wing of their ‘Dreamliner’. The aircraft is already 2 years behind schedule and with the economic problems currently the potential customers of the aircraft are happy to wait some time longer before deciding to place orders. More details of this and other aviation news…


Cessna’s RISE Campaign In Defence Of GA

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Especially in the US the general aviation industry is facing a public relations nightmare partly caused by the Big Three automakers arriving in Washington in business jets to seek federal bailout money. According to AVweb the industry is planning on fighting back, with Cessna is planning an aggressive PR campaign,…