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Need to cool off a little?

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Pretty much every PC user over the years has experienced problems caused by heat build up in their system. How many, though, actually delve into the problem beyond de-clogging fans and vents occasionally? Topskills author Bill Stack was suffering from problems caused by excessive overheating, but went a little further…


Bill Stack’s weather video tutorial

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Bill Stack from Topskills has issued a Press Release, announcing the release of his latest FS video guide, covering the weather features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. “Do you want to simulate flight in realistic environments? Do you want to precisely control the weather in your simulations? Have you…


ATC video from Bill Stack

By 0 Bill Stack has once again extended the range of instructional videos, intended to aid simmers to get the most out of their experience. “Using Air Traffic Control for Visual Flight Rules” covers the basics of ATC, focussing on its use within Microsoft Flight Simulator, including how to operate at…


“George” gets a tutorial from Topskills

By 0 Autopilots. Whether you’re a real world pilot or a simulated one, their fitting and use can be the topic of much discussion! Whether they’re a “lazy pilot’s crutch” or an “essential aid to alleviating fatigue and awareness”, the simple fact is that most simulated aircraft have them, but do…


Topskills ‘Jet Simming’ PDF Book

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The next release from Topskills/Bill Stack’s collection of e-books is “Jet Simming”, covering everything from the new “VLJ” series of business aircraft up to intercontinental airliners in one volume. Along with discussing the different roles and techniques used by jet  and turboprop aircraft commanders vice piston engine commanders, it talks…


More Topskills Manuals

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Author Bill Stack has released two more PDF-format e-books for simulator pilots through Topskills – Flight-Sim Maneuvers and Flight Sim Pilots Information Manual. The first of these e-books, available here, discusses the operation of a simulated aircraft as it would be used in the real world. Topics covered include much…


TopSkills PDF Navigation manual

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Bill Stack’s latest manual to aid simulation pilots is now available as a PDF document through simMarket. Covering navigation from a simmer’s perspective, including both VFR and IFR planning and navigation using tools from the dawn of flight right through to GPS, Flight-Sim Navigation is written in a way intended…