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SibWings Birddog update version 1.2

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SibWings have announced an updated version of their Birddog. The update is available here: CLICK. Included in version 1.2: totally new flight dynamics files redone by Alexander M. Metzger, 15 new “Bird Dog” liveries of different countries and epochs, 5 new mdls, including wheel, ski, floats versions with military and…


SibWings Cessna O-1/L-19 Bird Dog Released

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Inna of the SibWings team reports that they are “…..  happy to introduce our new FSX add-on Cessna O-1/L-19 Bird Dog. The package offers four versions of Bird Dog: two O-1A modifications, O-1E and O-1F. Each rendition faithfully reproduces all the particular, real-life, Cessna O-1 Bird Dog features in a…


Now THIS is an aircraft !!

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Get a load of this! Sibwings’ next aircraft is a little Cessna L-19/0-1 Bird Dog. But ‘little’ can be deceptive. From what we’ve seen so far this things beats a lot of the ‘larger’ aircraft hands down in quality. This simply breath taking. Have a look at their forum and…