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RAZBAM T-2 “Buckeye” Review

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The North American (later Rockwell) T-2 Buckeye is one of those aircraft whose beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Definitely a child of its time and role, the T-2 formed the backbone of US Naval jet training through at least three generations of combat aircraft, with examples…

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Accu-Feel release date and new video

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httpv:// In this post at A2A Simulations’ new “Accu-Feel” subforum, Scott Gentile has shown off their latest video of the upcoming product, featuring Razbam’s T-2 Buckeye naval training aircraft. Along with the video, Scott announces that “So far, we are getting thumbs up from the most recent release candidate. So…

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RAZBAM Buckeye comes to simMarket

By 0 FSX pilots who love the challenge of landing their aircraft on a moving target have another option to add to their collection now, as the RAZBAM T-2 Buckeye comes to join the fleet at simMarket. Featuring 5 different variants, with systems modelling and both cockpits available for use, this…