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AirSimmer Product Update News and Happy Holidays!

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Could you define the difference between a dream and hope ? The following sounds like a dream although they want us to have hope ! At least, you can repeat it as a joke in your next family meeting. “The AirSimmer Team is proud to announce the release of the…


AirSimmer Update v.1.2 Released

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AirSimmer wrote : “We are pleased to announce that the AirSimmer Development Team has released the much-awaited v.1.2 Systems Update for the AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition, which offers a number of major fixes for CTD’s and other current product issues. You will find detailed information on Systems Update v.1.1 here.”


More Flight1 News

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Flight1 is pleased to announce “……. an update for Instant Mission Maker to version 1.03. The update contains several new features and bugfixes. Instant Mission Maker is an easy to use tool for making Flight Simulator X missions. It offers a very intuitive GUI, live preview and editing of many…