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Two aircraft for three sims from Carenado

By 0 The video above shows the latest release from Carenado’s stable; the C182T Skylane with a G1000 glass cockpit fit, designed to provide more information to the pilot in a way that doesn’t overload their senses and capability to deal with the input. In this instance, Carenado have also strayed…

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Carenado’s C208 released to FS9 service

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Carenado are continuing with their promise to FS9 users that they will publish aircraft for both Microsoft platforms as well as X-Plane, this time by releasing their C208 Grand Caravan for FS2004. The Caravan is a versatile single turboprop found around the world doing everything from bush flying through feeder…

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X-Plane add-ons come to the fore

By 0 I posted a comment yesterday that X-Plane add-ons were coming along in leaps and bounds now that more developers were getting involved and it seems that someone, don’t ask me who, decided to prove that I had at least a bit of a point. Of four new releases at…