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Further Carenado updates for XP10

By 0 Once again, we have a swathe of updates from Carenado to their X-Plane fleet to announce as available today, with no fewer than five aircraft and one expansion receiving the XP10.30+ “V3” treatment. The latest batch includes the C337H Skymaster shown in the video above, plus the CT210M Centurion II,…


Carenado C208B Grand Caravan in FS9

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It’s not in your FS9 aircraft files yet, but I won’t bet you will resist long when available. Powerful, longer, and with low cost maintenance, Carenado will make you simulate flights in FS9 with their beautiful C208B Grand Caravan soon.


Carenado Expansion Pack Released

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A few weeks ago Carenado launched its “HD Series”‘ products with the C208B Grand Caravan FSX. There is now  an expansion pack for it. Carenado announced it : “Dear Sirs, on October 21st, 2010 Carenado released the C208B Super Cargomaster Expansion Pack HD Series for FSX.”