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Carbon Cub gets a cockpit

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We’ll recycle the Alaska picture again to go with the latest announcement from Microsoft’s Flight’s team, I think. After all, they haven’t provided any new ones yet. “COMING SOON: DELUXE CARBON CUB! This classic plane just got even better with the addition of a full virtual cockpit! The deluxe Carbon…

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Flight Alaska released

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Apparently you’ve seen that image once too often recently, but now it’s back for the right reasons – Microsoft have released their Alaska expansion for Flight through all the proper channels rather than Monday’s minor mess-up “due to a bug in the release testing process”. The package costs 1200 Microsoft…

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“Basic” Carbon Cub for Flight Alaska

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Microsoft have announced a small amount of further detail regarding what will be included as part of their Alaska expansion for Flight. In a news article posted yesterday, they announced: “Prepare for takeoff! While exploring over 600,000 square miles of new scenery, 565 airports and 137 seaplane bases in the…