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CERA Blackhawk – out now

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CERA Simaircraft have been known until now for their recreations of Bell rotary winged aircraft but for their latest release, they have switched allegiance to the opposition – Sikorsky – and the familiar shape of the UH-60L Blackhawk utility helicopter. In an unusual move, the package requires the RealityXP GNS530…

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CERA Simaircraft Bell 222 released

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Hands up all those who are now humming, whistling or at least thinking about the theme from Airwolf at this point? Yes, that includes the guy at the back who’s trying to hide in shame… Unfortunately there’s no fictional conversions included here, but for those FSX helicopter pilots who prefer…


Cera Bell 212 On simMarket

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After their earlier 412, Cera have now released the Bell 212 version. “…. This is a medium helicopter with a powertrain powered by two engines Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3B, with semi-rigid main rotor, two blades rotor systems. Manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron for civilian or military use, first flew in…


Review: Cera Simaircraft Bell 412EP for FSX

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Wanting to try something different for my next review I took on a recent offering from Cera Simaircraft; their Bell 412EP for FSX SP2 v1.4 helicopter. The BELL 412EP (Enhanced performance) is a medium sized civilian helicopter that can trace it’s heritage back to the Bell Hueys originally designed in…


Updated Files On simMarket

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The recently released Stearman from Golden Age has been patched. “….  This patch corrects an error in prop rotation animation, increases the dB of sound level in VC cockpit of 220 hp powered models and adds a custom magneto switch to the VC providing improved manipulation of the switch position…”. File…


CERA’s Bell Helicopter

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CERA have released their FSX (Accel/SP2 only) version of the Bell 412 helicopter. They say about it “….. At the request of our clients, we redesigned our first product, using all our dedication and knowledge acquired through the Flight Simulator 2004. Now we can present our new version of the…