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AoA reveals “JetSet”

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Chris Palmer of Angle of Attack Productions has revealed today the content and intent of their recently announced “JetSet” product and initiative. In a Press Release, the AoA founder states that: “In the past year we’ve noticed that there is a gap in training in the flight simulation community. A…


Angle of Attack eBook

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Chris Palmer of Angle of Attack has embarked on a new project: eBooks. He mentions that he “…… is proud to announce our first ever E-Book. This E-Book focuses on the Three Pillars of Communication and has been dubbed PilotSpeak. Through this powerful document you will learn the 3 most…


AoA Blog Post

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Chris Palmer, founder of Angle of Attack, also hops on the bandwagon of  ‘bloggers’. His new blog is said to be set up to ‘educate’ pilots and he has posted a first (actually second) post titled ‘Staying Sharp….’. If you are interested and have time to read yet another source…