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Official video for Pacific Islands Rarotonga

By 2 If the screenshots accompanying the release of Pacific Islands Simulations Rarotonga International a little under a week ago didn’t catch your attention, maybe the video above might help? The single runway is capable of taking anything your shiny new B777, but with the entire island recreated, suitable for visiting…

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Pacific Islands Sim Raratonga International

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The primary gateway to the 15 tropical Pacific islands that comprise the Cook Islands, Raratonga International (RAR/NCRG) is capable of handling anything up to B747s on its single 7,600′ runway. With a new 76m mesh, photoreal landclass with autogen for the entire island, realistic night lighting, custom vegetation, detailed buildings…

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The Cook Islands freeware

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Please send him a warm and thankful message, I mean to Tiberius Kowalski. Why ? It’s not just about one island, he’s offering the Cook Islands and atolls in the South Pacific, with photoreal terrain at 1m per pixel ! You will get them all from Simviation.