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Navigraph Airac 1309 with PFPX Support

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Today is August 24th, and Navigraph is ready to update your navigation databases with the new Airac 1309. If you are interested in PFPX upcoming release, Navigraph mentions they already support the new flight planner/dispatcher software thanks to the developers cooperation during its development.


Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1301

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Navigraph released today the latest AIRAC Cycle 1301 to update FMS and flight planners navigation databses. It can also update some tools like Dispatch Planner III, recently released airliner like Airbus X Extended, or even virtual-dispatch service. But first, you have to buy credits at simMarket. They are valid for 9…


Vataware adds route search feature

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Tim Krajcar from writes to let us know about a new feature added recently to vataware, the ‘Top Routes’ page. Pilots can use this page to easily search vataware’s database of almost 4 million flights to see the most popular routes or flight plans used by other pilots, and…


ELITE Navigational Database Updates

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Elite Simulation Solutions of Switzerland report that they have updated their range of  Elite Visual and Navigational Databases (GenView / RealView).  “… Currently we have the following new databases available for purchase; Area: ALPS, ESPO, EUNE, EUSE, FRAC, GBIR, GBNL, ITAS, SCAA, INDIA and SwissRV (RealView). Data RUN: all runs 0909…