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Aerosoft Flight 1 – DC-2 box

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With this DC-2 box, Aerosoft and Flight 1 offer a detailed aircraft with 2 panels layout, bump map and specular effects on the 39 liveries. It will ship with printed manual and checklists.


Douglas DC2 Update

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The Douglas DC-2 of UIVER Team has been patched to fix all bugs mentioned by their customers. Visit their homepage here, read their press release for all details. “The “UIVER” Team published an update for the Douglas DC2 for FSX. This update is free for existing customers of the FSX…


DC-2 Uiver Flight During FSWeekend 2009

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Mike Horsten of the KLM-VA (Virtual airline of the KLM on IVAO), will be hosting a 48 hour flight from London to Melbourne re-tracking the 1934 RACE with a 737 and the DC2. Now we don’t usually do ‘news’ on Virtual Airlines on our news pages (we have a forum…