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Oldie but Goodie: Developer Scrapbook

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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a developer builds an aircraft for Flight Simulator from scratch? I wrote a blog post a few years ago that I thought would be fun to re-post.  All the information is certainly relevant to development and I would do it the…

Freeware News

Call For Freeware Developers

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Ruud Faber is still very much involved in the Darwin ‘Beagle trip’  and writes “…… With the help of my good friends Chip Barber, Jaap van Hees and Francois Dumas, I am developing a series of  free missions for FSX. One of the next missions will be situated on the…

Press Releases

FS2Crew’s Audio Module

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FS2Crew, a developer of flight crew simulations, “…. is now licensing its new audio engine module and SDK, FS Audio Extreme,  to other Flight Simulator and Windows developers. The new audio module, which uses Microsoft XACT audio technology, is powerful and very easy to incorporate in one’s code. Wel, that is…


Join: 100.000 Flight Simulator Fans

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I have opened a Facebook Group in support of Microsoft Flight Simulator in general, and its laid-off developers  specifically! You may argue that nothing in the world is ‘fair’, but MS closing down Aces and killing one of its all-time cash cows seems like a questionable move. Taking down so…