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Review: FS Force for FSX

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Doug Zabizewski has been busy with issues way deeper then your usual scenery or aircraft, he has occupied himself with the inner works of FSX, the fine art so to speak. His latest review takes us to an utility that manages a almost forgotten device, the force feedback joystick, called…


Review: African Airstrip Adventures

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Doug Zabizewski is back with another colorful review, this time he goes on a safari into the wilderness of Africa by ways of Aerosoft’s African Airstrip Adventures and it seems like he is not coming back for a while: “Hello fellow sim-pilots! This week I am writing about another Aerosoft-Online…


Review: VFR Short Airfields X Vol.1 Quebec

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Douglas Zabizewski is a new review writer for simFlight and the object of his very first review is a scenery developer by an also new developer named Daniel Louvet. Daniel has created a series of small airfields in Quebec bundled in packs of three. This review was is for the title VFR-SHORT FIELDS…