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FlightXpress Chief Editor Resigned

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The former Chief Editor of FlightXpress, Segio Di Fusco, has left his post at FlightXpress end of February. Florian Harms, a German journalist is taking up the position now. FlightXpress is a German-language FS magazine that was formerly run from Austria and has been taken over by a Luxembourg owner…


With another year ending……..

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…. and with a BANG, literally as far as your Editor is concerned (my PC blew up after I turned it on upon returning from Christmas Hols), or with a ‘ fizzle’  as far as flightsimming is concerned with dwindling sales, dwindling forum posts, dwindling interest all around it seems,…


SimFlight HQ Moved to France

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Don’t worry, it’s only temporary (for now). Your managing editor moved to his place in France for a few weeks of vacationing. As with many things in this wonderful country, getting Internet to run took a bit more time than hoped for….. but the broadband connection is fully functional now.…