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JustPlanes Air France B777-200ER Blu-Ray

By 1 The latest Just Planes DVD covers the French flag carrier’s long range widebody Boeing fleet – the B777-200ER. Featuring the airline’s sector from Paris to New York, the Blu-Ray video is described as follows: “In this program you will follow our 2 pilots from the moment they check in…


Just Planes go TransAtlantic in an A319

By 0 It’s not a common sight to see an airliner best known for short haul inter-city hops crossing the Atlantic, but that’s exactly what Air Canada do between Newfoundland and London in the summer months. Just Planes have recorded not only a flight itself, but the CheckRide where a captain…

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D-Sim flight planning e-books

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Two new e-books from D-Sim have been published today, covering flight planning and management for two very different aircraft indeed. The first e-book, “The 767 Long Haul and ETOPS Guide” is a 70-page guide to flying Boeing’s extensively used widebody twin, including coverage of ETOPS and RVSM procedures, with a…


JustPlanes – SAS A330-300

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JustPlanes presents the A330-300 of SAS flying from Stockholm, Sweden, to Newark, USA. The flight crew details how they fly the twin body along this ETOPS route, then the flight attendants introduce you in the cabin.


ETOPS Guide Update

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Joshua of LROPS reports that “….. the 767 Long Haul and ETOPS Guide version 2 has been updated for the up and coming Cross the Pond events (VATSIM. IVAO, etc), as well as from general feedback. There is now a section on IRS alignment and how to accurately obtain an…