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Roar ‘n Soar Weekend

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Just a reminder for those of you living in Florida, or having the means to easily get there. Instead of going to the world’s biggest FS event, you could also visit the Roar ‘n Soar weekend on November 7 and 8, organised in Polk City, FL, on the premises of…


TBM Avenger In Polk City

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Fantasy of Flight announces in its newsletter that the “….legendary Navy torpedo bomber joins the Fantasy of Flight All-Star Cast. Those lucky enough to be looking to the skies in early February from Miami to Polk City may have spotted an amazing sight – a TBM “Avenger” World War II…


Favorite Aviation Museums

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I thought this would be a good time to start listing some of my favorite aviation musems. For most of us in the northern parts of th world, NOW is the time to start making plans for visits next year. One of my all-time favorites in the US is Kermit…


Roar-N-Soar In Florida

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Never been to the fabulous place near Polk City, FL, called Fantasy of Flight? Well, here’s a good excuse if you need one: on November 8 and 9 they organize the Roar-n-Soar event there, featuring all sorts of (speedy) vehicles, boats and of course airplanes! Check out the owner, Kermit…


Video Of A Real Storch Flight

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Paul Lange, one of the FS experts at Microsoft, was one of the lucky people to be taken along in a real Fieseler Storch some time ago. Paul flew the Storch at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. The same one that I personally put ‘on digital’ in November…