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Microsoft Flight January 2012 preview

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httpv:// Beside their announcement you can find below, Microsoft has completed his preview series with this Webisode 5 video and 7 new screens as well, uploaded to the official website.


Microsoft Announces FLIGHT

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Following the Press Event to which we were invited at the end of last year, we told you that at some point early in the new year, we would be told and be able to tell you more about the new sim. Well, today, Microsoft have made available more detailed…


Microsoft Flight Press Event

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Earlier this week, simFlight were invited to a Flight event at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, USA, which was attended by Jorge Diogo from Although the content of the presentation and the surrounding sessions is not available for publication, we do know that further news will be forthcoming early in…


Microsoft Flight news and noise

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Gents, the Microsoft Games development team didn’t leave us without news before going on holidays ! We have noise recordings and a post about the Audio Supervisor of Microsoft Flight.. Learn more about him and different in-game landings sounds effects in a Maule.


Microsoft opens Flight Beta team applications

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Just a few hours ago, MS Flight team sent us a message informing they are taking Beta applications. Fill the invitation form and wait for Microsoft reply.. sometime in January 2012 to let them take time to get back to participants and finalize the Beta program. A Windows Live ID…


Microsoft Flight November update

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Every month, Microsoft Games development team comes with some more infos and updated preview screenshots. We have a quick closer look at one of the default aircraft virtual cockpit, and the most interesting is their note about the needed hardware to run Microsoft Flight, at low and high settings. As…


Microsoft Flight October Preview

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Now you’ve taken the regular rythm of Microsoft Flight news, once a month, I guess you were expecting this one. Direct your browser again to and see 10 new screenshots of airport terminal and tower details, 3D clouds, waterfalls, ground terrain. Check their “News” section to read their web…


MS Flight September preview

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9 is the number of new screenshots available for Microsoft Flight preview. Will these be good enough to convince the last FS9 pilots to update direct to Flight ?


MarketPlace in Microsoft Flight

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Our friends of simFlight Benelux enlightened a (German) poll about the Microsoft intentions to integrate a MarketPlace in the next MS Fligfht. This means all Flight add-ons would be found directly in-game but hosted/marketed by Microsoft themselves as well, raising simmers and expansions developers / publishers interrogations. Only 110 visitors…


MS Flight screens of May

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About every two months, Microsoft Games Studios drops a few work-in-progress screenshots and a short message in the news section at the official website. This time, if we don’t have further infos about the simulator technology or add-ons compatibility and online integration, there are 5 new preview screens uploaded at…