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DBS Studio Follow Me Service P3D v1/v2

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Lost in the airport after landing ? Or maybe you need a guide to find your way to the runway threshold before take off ? DBS Studios have a solution, in FSX, and FS2004, and now also in P3D v1/v2 : it’s the Follow Me Service car that you can…


DBS Studio updates

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“DBS Studio release Update 1.6.1 for Airport GPS 2004 and update 1.0.1 for DBS FollowMe 2004. Improved order of scanning afcad files for quality drawing of the map and calculate route in addon scenery’s. Download update now from DBS Studio site.”


DBS Studio – Update 1.3 for DBS FollowMe Service

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DBS Studio announce an Update 1.3 for DBS FollowMe Service: The update includes: “Transparency processing BGL scenery files, while scenery files loading to simulator – not needed run Database Update Tool after append scenery to simulator;Menu “Addons/FollowMe Window” to open main dialog window without keyboard shortcuts; Setting dialog to adjust car speed,…


Review: DBS Studio’s Follow Me Service for FSX

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Recently DBS Studio has released its another add-on for MS Flight Simulator – FOLLOW ME SERVICE FOR FSX. Everyone, who has ever been at an airport, must have seen that many airplanes are escorted by a little car from the gate to the runway or back from the runway to…


DBS FollowMe Service for FSX

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A new product from DBS Studios promises to be quite interesting, it is promoted with this words: “Any port, any plane, any car, any place within port. Lost while taxiing in airport? Request FollowMe… Now! Any car from simulator list, any car from flightsimulator’s internet resources…  Integration into simulator environment. Transparent…