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Multi Crew Experience — update v2.4.4.0

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FS + + team has announced a new update to their voice control software for FS2004 & FSX, also known as Multi Crew Experience. There is a new application anagebracht called VoxScript. For the people who have bought this addon via simMarket this update has been automatically received.


MS Flight screens of May

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About every two months, Microsoft Games Studios drops a few work-in-progress screenshots and a short message in the news section at the official website. This time, if we don’t have further infos about the simulator technology or add-ons compatibility and online integration, there are 5 new preview screens uploaded at…


Version 1.9 Of MCE Available

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The FS++ team is “….. pleased to announce  the release of Version V1.9 of their award winning add-on to both FSX and FS2004 called Multi Crew Experience. This release improves interaction with PMDG aircraft add-ons. MCE is a speech based add-on that allows the flight sim enthusiast to fly those…


Multi Crew Experience Discounted

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FS++ offers a 25% reduction on their Multi Crew Experience package on simMarket, until the end of October. According to their press release, here is what they are selling”…..  the add-on that lets you experience what it’s like to operate the big iron. The best of speech recognition applied to…


Parting Message On FSInsider

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‘Someone’ wrote a last message on Micosoft’s FSInsider site, the web site dedicated to supporting FSX. The only positive thing in the message is that it states that FSX will remain on sale in the shops. It also means that if you have to re-install, you will still be able…