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Tongass Fjords X Almost Here

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Francois of FSAddon Publishing reports “…… Never say never…… and never give customers a release date…. two golden rules of information technology. BUT…. we’re working hard on getting Tongass Fjords X ready for release this weekend…………. !!! Just one more installer test, and we’re good to go. How does THAT…


FSAddon Previews LHA

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FSAddon Publishing have a few new projects just gone into Beta. One of them is the LHA (Landing Ship Helicopter, Amphibious) by AJ Weber that will soon see the light. The ship is built for FSX, has many moving features and will be accompanied by a supply ship. More details…

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FSAddon Publishing’s CD Releases

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Francois Dumas of Publishing reports that “…. we have now started our modest CD/DVD production, delivering a ‘special’ of Plum Island + Piper Super Cub on one CD, as well as Plum Island and Vancouver X separately on CD. These special products are priced in US $ and only…

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VA Websites Announced

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Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing writes “….. next week we’ll start our new VA Website Hosting Service at FSAddon Publishing. More and more people are starting their own fictional aviation company, complemented by ever increasing complex administration software and FS models. However, setting up a website often is a problem.…

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‘NickC’ Is At It Again

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And if you don’t know who Nick (Churchill) is… then have a look around on his web site. Or perhaps you recognize his work from an Aerosoft box! Or from some of the reviews he’s posted together with Ian. Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing writes “…… Nick’s latest addition to…