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Catalina free from Aerosoft

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Intended as a demo/preview of the “US Cities X – Los Angeles” product, Aerosoft are offering simmers a free download of the island of Catalina, off the South Californian coast. With a centrepoint of the “Airport in the Sky” and its sloped runway, the complete island with beaches, heliport, former…

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Sonic Solutions F/A-18 Sound Set

By 0 The latest aircraft targetted by Sonic Solutions as needing a replacement sound set is the F/A-18 Hornet – examples of which can be found freeware, in the MS Acceleration add-on pack and as payware. This pack is advertised as being suitable for all of them in FSX or Prepar3D.…

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More Colombian releases from SSG/EdlA

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simMarket has four new versions of software from SSG Studios and Entusiastas de la Aviacion today – one new release and two new versions plus an update of a second. The new release is El Bagre (SKEB) for FS2004/FS9, as pictured above. Located in the municipality of El Bagre, within…