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Orbx Scotland preview screenshots

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Orbx’s usual preview suspect Ian Emms has been been up and around the virtual skies again, this time touring the highlands and cities of of the upcoming Orbx/SIM720 FTX EU Scotland add-on. Ian has posted two threads on the orbx forums, one showing the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh and…

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Orbx Southern Alaska released

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Covering more than 200,000 square miles, the new NA Blue Southern Alaska product from Orbx’s “Full Terrain” line-up  stretches from Anchorage to Juneau along the southern coast of Alaska, as the name would suggest. Canadian fliers will also be pleased to know that not insubstantial areas of their states bordering…

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FTX Wales released – Updated

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In the early hours of the morning for Europe, Orbx released the latest area package in their Full Terrain X series covering the nation of Wales in the United Kingdom. The scenery features a ‘bonus’ detailed version of Cardiff’s International Airport (EGFF) and a number of landmarks and features, in…

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Orbx FTX England Released

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This is another one of those packages which probably really deserves the ‘eagerly anticipated’ line in announcing its release – and not just by your editor either, who has been cursing the brownness of the default UK textures from the moment ‘autumn’ was announced by FSX. Orbx’s Full Terrain EU…