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C-5M Galaxy From Area51Sim

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Area51Sim from Turkey has released a Galaxy C-5M transport plane for FSX. Doesn’t say what SP specifically, just ‘built for FSX’. Doesn’t say a whole lot at all on the product page, but the pictures look nice. If you’re interested in hauling LOTS of freight military style, then this maybe…

Hardware & Cockpit

Galaxy GeForce 9800GTX+ Reviewed

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Guru of 3D has looked at yet another graphics card. “…… The Galaxy GeForce 9800GTX+ graphics card tested. Galaxy recently released this product, custom PCB, custom cooling, custom bracket, HDMI output, black DVI and backplate. We sometimes wonder how a small company consistently can push out striking products like that…

Press Releases

FSGenesis Galaxy Membership Last Chance

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FSGenesis reports that they are extending their offer for Galaxy-class memberships with another couple of days. “…… Last week in response new realities in the marketplace, and the ever-increasing costs of servicing Galaxy-class memberships, we announced that effective September 10, 2008 the number of Galaxy-class memberships would be frozen…..”.