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Microsoft Flight release announced

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Microsoft finally announced Flight release date 29 February 2012. At , there will be the free simulator ready to download covering only the big island of Hawaii. For now, there are new screens and a preview video Webisode 6. On the same day, Microsoft will sell the Hawaiian Adventure Pack…


Airport Madness 4 progress

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The Airport Madness ATC games series will have a version 4. On his blog, Big Fat Simulations reports the actual development progress and already reveals some of the new features to expect : aircraft vectoring, new airplanes (Concorde, Space Shuttle, ..) and much more airports. Sounds exciting !


Who Needs Flight Simulator Anyway ??

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…. if you can run an entire farm, or excavate a strip mine, or learn to hoist heavy loads!? That’s right, with Astragon’s various simulators (Farm Simulator, Mining Simulator, Garbage Truck Simulator or Crane Simulator) you can get away from the flightsim for awhile and do some ‘fun simming’. Prerequisite…