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NGX ‘community development’ project

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NGX Live is a service designed for users of PMDG’s B737NGX product to bring some community back into flying, using Teamspeak and Google Earth integration to allow pilots to find each other and communicate, whether flying in a multiplayer environment or not. Although the site is heavily branded with and…


Google Earth Flight Simulator v0.7

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Google announced 1 billion downloads of Google Earth that has become much more than just a virtual 3D world map. Our regular visitors may have already read here about GE Flight Simulator, taking advantage of the popular tool of google, and now available in its version 0.7.

Freeware News

GE Flight Simulator

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Xavier Tassin sent us a quick note to make you discover… “a free flight simulator he released a few month ago. It is web based and uses the Google Earth plug-in, which make it very realistic visually and quite interesting for VFR practicing. As I am working alone on it,…


Flightsim1com – GeNAV Pro

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With GeNAV Pro, Google Earth will become your new navigation tool to edit, view and plan your routes. It has all AIRAC database and you can update it later through Navigraph navdata service. Being a shareware, you can “try before you buy”.


How cool is this? There you go MS, give us FS LIVE!

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Very interesting project here…. not new, but new to us: based on Google Earth and it’s API’s and following an earlier javascript based development here comes ‘Ships’  an online Ships Simulator from where you can be the helmsman of  a bunch of vessels, from barges to cruise ships… and…


Gapalp’s InCabin Locate Utility

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‘Gapalp’ has releases a little utility called InCabin Locate. “…..View a Google Earth window from within FSX and keep track of your location in the world. Also, keep track of where the nearest AI aircraft to you are located with some basic information when you click on them. Current FSX…