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Two aircraft for three sims from Carenado

By 0 The video above shows the latest release from Carenado’s stable; the C182T Skylane with a G1000 glass cockpit fit, designed to provide more information to the pilot in a way that doesn’t overload their senses and capability to deal with the input. In this instance, Carenado have also strayed…


Carenado C208B Grand Caravan in FS9

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It’s not in your FS9 aircraft files yet, but I won’t bet you will resist long when available. Powerful, longer, and with low cost maintenance, Carenado will make you simulate flights in FS9 with their beautiful C208B Grand Caravan soon.


Carenado Grand Caravan 208B Preview

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At Carenado’s incomings webpage, there are new preview snaps of the Grand Caravan 208B 3D model. It’s already stated as full FSX model and DirectX 10 supported, for advanced dynamic shadows and interior shadows through flightdeck windows.