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Ground Environment X Atlantic and Pacific Tropics

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Ground Environment X Atlantic and Pacific Tropics covers new areas with 1m/pixel resolution textures for all seasons GEX is famour for its large and popular enhancement of the default scenery in FSX. All screenshots and features are detailed on the product page or below in the Flight1 press release.


GEX Europe v2.0 update

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Announced here a few days ago, I can now report the availability of the V2.0 update for Ground Environment X Europe. There you’ll find the download link followed with the content details, like reworked and new textures.


Ground Environment X — Europe Update v2.0

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Until the end of this year, Ground Environment X Europe users should have a free update to enjoy. It will not only fix all reported issues but will be also greatly enhanced with new textures and reworked Autogen. Its developer also announced GEX Africa and Middle-East.

Press Releases

Ground Environment X USA-Canada for FSX

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Flight One Software has released the DVD version of Ground Environment X USA-Canada for FSX. Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to FSX using aerial and satellite imagery to bring you highly realistic ground environments for FSX. Some of the features include: