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Hardware & Cockpit

Graphics Cards Tested On HAWX

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Guru3D’s Hilbert Hagendoorn is having a look at the new Ubisoft Flying Game HAWX and tested it on a variety of graphics cards. “….. In this article we’ll take a dozen of graphics cards and see how well they perform with Ubuoft’s latest title, Tom Clancy’s HAWX. An amazingly looking…

Other Simulations

Dutch Ubisoft H.A.W.X. Screenshot Competition

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The Dutch Ubisoft office together with simFlight Benelux has started a little screenshot competition to promote the upcoming ‘Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.’. Readers from Holland and Belgium – oh yeah, and Luxemburg – can join in and send their best ‘military aviation screenshot’ to the dedicated forum here on simFlight. Screenies…