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Position Games release FSXSuite

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The latest release from Position Games for iDevices brings a number of useful utilities together in one package. FSXSuite includes not only a moving map, with an overlaid flightplan over either satellite or drawn imagery, but also a Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS), AI radar, weather radar drawn from…

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Review: TabletFMC for iDevices

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Although this review is of an add-on technically for FS9 and/or X, it should really be listed for “Microsoft FS9 or X, plus iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and a wireless network” – because that’s what you’ll actually need to run it. TOT Games’ TabletFMC is a payware utility which…


aerofly FS goes mobile via iTunes

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With thanks to our Dutch colleagues over at for spotting this one, users of Apple’s iGadgets may be interested to know that aerofly FS is now available to purchase through iTunes for iPad 2+ and mini. The sim has gained quite a following amongst desktop users since release, primarily…

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Need some inflight entertainment?

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There are times – also known as “that bit between two waypoints on a NATRACK” – when there’s nothing to look at on your airliner flight deck but a number changing on the ND, nothing to see out of the windows, but you’re not allowed to sleep because you have…


Infinite Flight for iOS

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To follow up to last year’s release on the Windows Mobile phone platform, Flying Development LLC have released their Infinite Flight simulator through iTunes as a universal app for iPhone 4/4S, iPod 4 and iPad 1 or 2 (iPad 3 support is to follow soon). Due to some certification issues,…

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FSAssistant for iPad

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Newly released to join the ever increasing number of iGadget utilities to assist the MSFS pilot, FSassistant from Timon van Rooijen is an iPad only application that covers quite an array of tasks and functions. With the list of features including a moving map that shows AI traffic, route search/planning,…