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Javier Rollons CRJ update 1.4.5

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Flying the CRJ-200 of Javier Rollons in X-Plane skies should demonstrate you the hard core simming capabiliy of Laminar Research simulator. And it keeps being updated, the latest version 1.4.5 adds more features to the FMS and fixes remaining bugs. Details in their forum here and there.


JRollon project announcement

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Bae Jetstream 31/32 will be the next aircraft to be developed by JRollon for X-Plane. You can discuss this topic with the team in their support forum.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

X-Plane CRJ-200 rolls out at simMarket

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httpv:// Although the video shows JRollon’s CRJ-200 in the earlier incarnation of the sim, whether you are using X-Plane 9 or 10 and want something more complex than the default, this one might be for you. Be warned though, apparently there’s a bit of a learning curve! With a considerable…


X-Plane 10 and default Boeing 747-400

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httpv://–mzFok&feature=player_embedded Javier Rollon is famous for his X-Plane aircraft like the latest CRJ-200. His fame should raise again with this Boeing 747-400 he prepared to get it included with the upcoming X-Plane 10 : bump mapping, reflective textures, dynamic shadows, virtual passengers cabin, detailed virtual cockpit..