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TSS 727 Soundsets for FS9 and X

By 0 Turbine Sound Studios have added the Boeing 727 tri-jet to their replacement sound set series, with two products compatible with FS9(2004) and X. The distinctive JT-8D turbojet’s sounds and joined in the packs by wind and cockpit ambient noises, flaps gear and rolling/rumble effects. Click on your preferred sim…

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TSS adds new JT-8D soundset

By 0 The Pratt & Whitney JT-8D is closely associated with a number of airliners, but one of the most common mounts is the McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) MD-80 series of twinjets. Several versions of the “Mad Dog” have been produced for Microsoft’s simulators and Turbine Sound Studios have just released a…

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TSS DC-9 JT-8D Soundpack

By 0 Although it was one of the most common and popular powerplants of its era, the Pratt and Whitney JT-8D is still probably best known for providing the thrust for two aircraft types – the Boeing B727 series and Douglas Commercial DC-9 plus later MD-80 variants. Turbine Sound Studios have…