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JustFlight DC-3 Expansion Pack

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For the JustFlight DC-3 Legends of Flight, there’s an expansion pack available bringing ..” seven classic DC-3 airliner liveries, three C-47 aircraft, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota ‘Pegasus’ and the ‘Spooky’ AC-47 Gunship”. Apart from the mentioned addon, you need FSX and an active internet connection.


JustFlight – DC-3 Legends of Flight

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We all agree the DC-3 is a legend and attracts many people in actual musuem or historic flying events. JustFlight DC-3 brings life to that Legend in FSX, with different models variants including some military and other commercial airlines liveries. Of course, the interiors and virtual cockpit are highly detailed,…


Legend’s New LSA Amphib Cub

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Now here’s a great video we picked up from YouTube, featuring the new Legend Amphibian Cub-clone presented not long ago. This is one of the new LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) and Avweb says about it “….It’s not just fun to fly; it’s insanely fun to fly!…””.