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Milviz Kingair 350 & FSFX Packages?

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If you’ve used one of FSFX Packages many products available, Chances are you loved the lighting and volumetric effects available. Well now you will see their effects in the upcoming Milviz Kingair as they recently stated on their Facebook page that FSFX are in control of their lighting development. Awesome…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

PrealSoft Airport Lighting v2

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If you’re looking for replacement light textures in FS9 or X then you might want to check out PrealSoft’s Airport Light Environment X v2. The product includes replacement operational lighting (runway, apron, PAPI, etc.) in two intensity settings. More screenshots and purchase information can be found on the product page.

Other Simulations

Illuminating ArmA III

By 0 There’s mention of a helicopter, so it is vaguely flightsim related – we thought many of you might be interested to see this video from Armed Assault (and Take on Helicopters) developer Bohemia Interactive. The video showcases some of the lighting effects that will be found in their new…


Night Lighting Replacement From PrealSoft

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PrealSoft has released yet another little utility for FSX/FS2004. Airport light environment X (ALE X for short), for FS2004 and FSX is a set of textures with different features to replace the Microsoft flight simulator default lighting textures. There are 2 versions: Normal lighting intensity and High lighting intensity. Available…