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A Black Christmas Present

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…… or maybe not, after all. FSAddon Publishing reports that the release of the ‘Lizzie’ is on schedule. “…. Our long-awaited Westland Lysander, the WW2 SOE ‘spy taxi’, is basically ready. We’re working on the manuals and ‘missions’ now and expect to have it all fixed before the Holidays. The…


Restored Lysander Flies In Canada !

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Looks like the upcoming FSAddon Lizzie won’t be second but rather third flying now…… After the only remaining flying specimen (of the Shuttleworth collection in the UK) the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum now too has a flying Lizzie. They restored a Lysander and it made its first flight a few…


Lysander On Test Flights In France

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Francois reports “….. FSAddon’s Westland Lysander MKIII is finally in flying condition and this week test flights started. I took her to some secret field in France myself, to test short field landing charcteristics….. and by daylight! Still some work to be done, but as you can see, the lady…


Lizzie In The FSAddon Hangar

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Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing reports “…. for the third time in this project’s history we had to change direction, but this third version of our Lysander will be here to stay ! We’re hard at work refining the looks and animation and tweaking the (Rob Young) flight model. The…

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FSAddon Publishing Shows Lysander Screenies

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More news from the FSAddon Publishing pages at the closing of this Sunday. A new Lysander Preview Page was added to the site. “…… the pictures you see here, especially the ones at moonlight, are what this product is all about and showing what I had in mind for many…