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Prince Edward Island

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Daniel Louvet released yet another of his VFR Shortfields titles, this time Prince Edward Island, “….. presenting 3 great  airports/airfields in Prince Edward Island: * CYYG – Charlottetown * CYSU – Summerside * CCA3 – Cable Head Park All 3 airports are situated in Prince Edward Island, Canada. These 3…


Newfoundland Vol 1 From Daniel Louvet

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You can’t fault Daniel for not being persistent, because here is his fourth VFR Short Fields X title, called “Vol 1 Newfoundland”. It includes “….. 3 great airports in Newfoundland:  CYDF Deer Lake, CHG2 Harbour Grace and CYJT Stephenville. All 3 airports are situated in amazing Newfoundland, Canada. They are a great place to…