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Flight Replicas Me262 Special versions

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Flight Replicas comes with three special versions of the famous WW2 Messerschmitt 262 jet fighter for FSX. “….This package contains a selection of the rarer and more exotic variants of the famous Me-262 jet fighter of WWII, being the Me-262B-1a/U1 Two-seat Nightfighter, the Me-262A-1a/U4 “Pulkzerstörer” with 50 mm Cannon and…


ME262 From Flight Replicas

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Flight Replicas has released their package of the venerable Messerschmitt ME-262A 1A and ME-262B (trainer). “…..Built specifically for FSX (SP2/Acceleration), this all-new extremely detailed and functional Gmax version of the famed Messerschmitt Me-262 features not only the single seat fighters, but the two-seat trainer with fully operational dual cockpits as…